Our Goal

  • Study of the phenomena with physical rigorous approach
  • Research of the preparation techniques of the active core which is known to work
  • Research for industrial energy production
  • Increase of the energy production up to values suitable for an industrial level
  • Clean energy (zero CO2 emission)
  • Abundant and cheap energy
  • Abundance of needed materials
  • Low-cost if compared to conventional fuels
  • No problem of radioactive long half-life waste
  • Compact devices
  • Trace the road for applicative development and industrial exploitation of the phenomenon
  • Systematic research of techniques and materials for the trigger and replication of the phenomena
  • Up-scaling from W to kW
  • It could be the «energy of the future»

Today it is known that the replication problem is the complexity of the phenomena, their overlapping and the high number of parameters identified so far (22); among them stand out in particular the sample composition and morphology. Multidisciplinary knowledge is needed for this research.

Typical conditions of anomalous heat production experiment:

  • Nickel and transition metal crystal clusters and H2
  • Impulsive excitation in the form of electricity, magnetism, temperature, pressure, particle and laser beam(s), acoustic and electromagnetic waves